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09 Jan 2010 Houston Boat Show Report

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09 Jan 2010 Houston Boat Show Report

Postby catch.and.fillet » Sat Jan 09, 2010 7:35 pm

Here's the best I can do next to postin' a fishin' report:

- Just got back after 6 hours of walking around at the show. Air was clear, temp about 72*, incoming tide, most activity around cold beer stands near the center of the arena. Pretty crowded but it was better about 3 years ago.

- Talked to HR&G, Captain Tom, and 'berry Charters. All worried about this cold and low water.

- Looked at Shearwater, Everglades, Haynie, Ranger, Blue Water, Nautic Star, Triton, Champion, Cape Horn. Haynie's look fast and expensive for a spackled bottom boat. They're proud of the Shearwater. Everglades and Ranger 23 had the Nautic Star type rear console seats that look like a wet ride in a chop with a cross wind. If I had a spare $50k, I'd probably buy the shallow water 21' Shearwater with the wide gunnels and the 250 Verado. Or the Haynie Big Foot.

- Sweetie thought it would be great if we pulled up to the weirs in a nasty wakeboat with some AC/DC blaring, catch our limit, and then haul arse out of there. The wake boats are sick with their sound systems. I think it would be funny to pull up in the little Whaler and go right under them weirs....

- The Corvette boat was there as it is every year. Who's got the stones to buy such a thing and run around and burn gas??

- Looked at a Ranger bass boat with integrated, built-in lowrance fish finder and GPS next to the trolling motor (with a built-in transducer). This is a nice set-up that no saltwater rig offered - why not?. Talked to sales guy - said he'd hook me with a large gimble mount for the front of my boat. I'm pretty sure I want.

- Looked at kayaks and they are way cool. Definitely in the plans for 2010. Thinking maybe tow or haul to an area, launch and head out and then come back to the mother ship. Sweet!

- I seem to remember more lure companies exhibiting in the past.

- A lot of Alaska guide services. That's a long way to go in my opinion.

- Not many TU sweatshirts. Sweetie wore her ole LSU National Championship Sweatshirt and got a "Geaux Tigers!" everywhere she went.

- Made one purchase - a new rod for my new Christmas Curado. Went with the American Rodsmith's Team Series 6'9 Medium Trout Casting with the Winn Pro Tour Grip. Can't wait to try it out. Like below but in blue. It's the 2010 model.

- The camper dealers are hurtin'. Most were offering show deals 30-40% off.

- The kids loved the robot. The fishin' tank, all the campers, and jet ski simulator, too. The bay boats and boat lift manufacturers, not so much.

- There was a line to get in and look at one humongous, 50'+ sailboat yacht. Sweetie said one day we'll live on one. I can't wait....

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