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Lurker no more

Welcome to Big Lake 411

Lurker no more

Postby Pole_benda » Fri Feb 12, 2010 10:38 pm

Hello Big lake 411 members,

A buddy of mine here in Bossier turned me onto this site and I must say I am quite impressed! I just recently moved to Louisiana from Florida, but located pretty far from the water (military). When we (guys from Bossier) are not fishing tournaments we are down there in Calcasieu. I very much love the Louisiana fishery and its worlds apart from Florida. Your fish aint at all spooky!

But you wont miss us around the lake in our flats boats (Key West Stealth, Mako 18lts) and buddy Jess' skeeter. We looking forward to meeting all of you on the water and I will be posting up reports and letting people know ahead of time when we will be coming down to put a face with the name. Here is a recent fishing report from actually Sabine Lake, but on the Louisiana Side.

After doing a little bit of my own weather forecasting earlier in the week, I predicted a break in the weather on Saturday with east winds 5-10kts. Knowing that this forecast of mine would have to be monitored I continued through the week and the forecast remained the same. Finally, the day is here and I woke up early to check the weather.... GAME TIME. I started prepping the boat, recharging batteries, making sure everything was trailer ready and even cranked up the benda (my boat). So, I made a quick call to my buddy and we set off on our journey on Sunday morning. We arrived at boat launch at 0630am to find freezing temperatures awaiting us at ramp. After all the research I did I didn’t bother to check on low temperatures for the day. After a blistering cold long intercoastal run to Sabine Lake, TX we set out to find some new fishing spots on the Louisiana side of the lake. We targeted the shallow "flats" in the lake with creeks mouths stemming into the lake. The water temp was a pasty 45 degrees and no life was to be found. After the winds decided to pick up from the east the water started to increase and more signs of life was showing on the flat. We covered a lot area on this stretch of shore line to hook into 2 reds. Here is the first red of the day caught on my 8ft St. Croix Avid med fast rod.


We waited for a while and went exploring around this new area we weren’t accustomed to and made one last stop before we decided to call it a day. We hit this stretch of shoreline that was covered in crab pots (literally) begin going to work. Almost instantly, red after red (up to 20ins) keep hitting the boat deck until this guy decided to eat the gulp shrimp.


All in all it was a great day of exploring and fishing, with us landing 8 reds and 1 trout and missing a bunch more reds that became unbuttoned.

Gear used:

Rod: 8ft St. Croix rods (Avid Med Fast/Tidemaster Medium)

Line: Stren Microfuse 10lb braid

Bait: Berkley Gulp shrimp, Nemire spoons, Rapala Skitterwalk


Winds: East 5-10kts

Water Temp: 45F, but warmed to 52F by the end of the trip

Skies: Started clear then mostly cloudy

Outside temp: Started 32F, then warmed to 62F
St. Croix Rods Pro-Staff / Maverick 18 Mirage HPX-V
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Re: Lurker no more

Postby Ray » Sat Feb 13, 2010 5:32 pm

Nice trout.
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Re: Lurker no more

Postby speck attack » Sat Feb 13, 2010 7:23 pm

Awesome report, Welcome to the forum and the Great Louisiana sportsman Paradise
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