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The issue list

If you are having problems with the forum, look in here for support information.

The issue list

Postby jsmoke222000 » Mon Oct 19, 2009 12:20 am

There are alot of different message boards on the internet. The software used to create this board is phpbb3. There are a few functions on this board that may be confusing to new members. Many questions new users may have can be answered in the FAQ section of the board. There were a few bugs in certain areas of the forum when we uploaded all the files to our hosting server. We have since resolved all known issues. If you encounter an error or having trouble doing something on this forum, please post your issue in this thread. Some errors are specific to certain web browsers. Please include as much information as possible related to your issue. You can always contact a site admin for immediate help as well. Below is a list of questions that we get asked on a regular basis. If any bugs with the forum are found, they will be posted here until the problem has been resolved. Thanks. ;)

I can't post HTML

For security reasons, users of this forum are not allowed to post HTML tags. Phpbb does not recognize HTML & if you attempt to post HTML your post will look like a big jumble of letters & symbols. This forum uses bbcode instead. We can create custom bbcode to take the place of pretty much any HTML tag. If you would like the admin staff to add a specific function to the forum so you can link or embed something like music or a video, please post a request thread in the suggestions forum. The no HTML rule is not a bug. It is posted in this thread because many people think it is.

When I click the "Img", "URL' or "youtube" buttons on the posting toolbar, I get a security message in my information bar?

This is an Internet Explorer issue. When you click the "Img" or "URL" buttons you hear a "ding" sound & your information bar pops up @ the top of the screen with a message. The security message says something like this: This website is attempting to request information using a scripted window. If you trust this website click here to allow use of the scripted window" or some crap like that. If you click the information bar it will give you some options. Temporarily allow this website to run script is what you want to click. Check your post body for bbcode, if it stuck it in there, delete it. This is going to happen every single time you come to this site & click one of those buttons. To fix this problem you need to go to your internet explorer toolbar & click tools, choose internet options, click on the security tab, click the button labled custom, scroll down towards the bottom until you see this option: Allow websites to prompt for information using scripted windows Choose enable, click ok, click ok again. The setting will not take effect until you close Internet Explorer completely & restart the program. You should also allow this site to use cookies as well.

When I click on an ad, link or the Imageshack "host it!" button, nothing happens?

Your browser or pop up blocker is blocking the new window from opening. You should set your browser or pop up blocker to allow pop ups from http://www.biglake411.com
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