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VIDEO: The New GunDog Creeper

VIDEO: The New GunDog Creeper

Postby TeamTTF » Wed Apr 13, 2011 1:03 pm

Here's a sneak peak at the latest creation from the TTF/GunDog labs: the GunDog Creeper.

One bait. Endless possibilities.

The GunDog Creeper is a lot more than your standard sinking hard-plastic plug. This bait is designed to be experimented with by the angler. In the video you'll see the bait rigged by itself and also with various trailers. We shot footage of the Creeper with a TTF puzzler trailer, a Shiney Hiney shrimp trailer and even a scented shrimp trailer. You'll also see the Creeper rigged with colorado blades on the belly (my personal favorite setup) and on the tail.

Here are just a few of the ways to fish the GunDog Creeper, which you'll see demonstrated in the video:
1. As a wobbling wake bait with a single treble
2. As a slow-sinking twitch bait
3. As a broken-back plug with a soft-plastic trailer (straight-tail, curly-tail, shrimp-tail and more)
3. As a broken-back plug with a scented trailer
4. As a spinnerbait-plug hybrid with a blade rigged on the back
5. As a spinnerbait-plug hybrid with a blade rigged on the belly
6. As a multi-depth chaser rig with your favorite soft-plastic trailer (we used a TTKII in the video)

The Creeper is perfectly balanced (notice how it settles and sits on the trebles) and can be rigged to achieve virtually any action or presentation the angler desires: from a super-slow sinking plug to a darting, dancing reaction bait or even as a unique topwater lure the fish have never seen before.

We're really excited about the versatility this bait offers. This isn't just a big trout lure or a redfish bait - it can literally do it all. We wanted to design a bait that allows anglers to experiment and open up new possibilities with their fishing techniques. We also set out to create a hard bait that can be used to target multiple species of fish in a variety of conditions and depths.

Please note that the baits and rigs you see in the video are all prototypes. We'll be tweaking these setups to achieve maximum performance, durability and value before they hit the pegs.

We'd love to hear your thoughts.
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Re: VIDEO: The New GunDog Creeper

Postby jsmoke222000 » Wed Apr 13, 2011 1:38 pm

Looks like a killer winter trout bait.
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