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Duck Lease in Hackberry

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Duck Lease in Hackberry

Postby theber4 » Mon Jan 21, 2013 10:11 am

I and a few other guys were interested in leasing a blind near Hackberry. Does anyone on here know who I might could get in touch with to find out more information about this? We are thinking of purchasing a camp at Hackberry to enable us to fish and hunt in the same area. I'm not sure if there are any leases or not, I'm sure I could hunt sabine, but the other guys are looking more for a private type blind. If you have any info please share or send me a PM. Thanks guys.....

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Duck Lease in Hackberry

Postby JAdams » Mon Jan 21, 2013 9:21 pm

Here's the bad thing bout leases in cameron parish only few leases in this area are good... The ones that r good will never be advertised when one person gets off there's 10 waiting in line.... Only shot at good lease is bidding on school board sections... But they usually go pretty high... Not promoting my biz but this is why lot if people hunt w me.... People pay 3 k for a blind then another 500-1k building the blind then 800$ worth of decoys then 4 days of labor building blind grassing etc... Then 5k marsh boat u easily in it 10k and maybe make 10 hunts a yr.... Plus most blinds in that area can't take hunting pressure of more than 3 days.. Ull blow em out all grass in that area is about gone... No food no ducks... So ur at 10 hunts for 10k. U book guided hunts say 200$ a gun u can make 10 awesome hunts where u can wear tennis shoes for 2 k a yr and don't have to hassle w anything.... And it leaves u the option of moving round u can book w a guide in the marsh one day the. Try ducks and specks in a field the next... I've known a lot of people that aren't from hack get screwed on leases some guys charge out of towners 5k a blind knowing it won't kill more than 100 birds a yr those r the leases u see pop up every yr...but here is the 3 u need to contact these would be the only 3 to consider in my opinion Jim bell w bell estate.... Kurt marcantel... Old black lake lodge... R the devil himself Palermo
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