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New to the lake

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New to the lake

Postby mark33180 » Thu Jun 28, 2012 6:08 pm

I'm heading down to go fishing Saturday and i have never been before, me and my dad will be launching at herberts and not sure really where to go. Looking for some big trout, Any ideas would be appreciated... lures, baits, (artificial only) locations? Please let me know what you can.

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Re: New to the lake

Postby Butch Lafargue » Fri Jun 29, 2012 9:06 am

My Two cents if you want specks is when you leave Heberts go left or south, when you get past the last camp go a couple of hundred yards more then look off to the west and you should see a bunch oof boats fishing about 500 yards out or so this is Commisary point go join them and pull em in. If nothing is happening there go back to the bank and fish with Berkley chartrouuse colored gulp you should catch flounder and maybe a few reds. I prefer to fish Pelican Point Marsh which is the oppisite way from Commisary Point, To get there when you leave Heberts go North along the bank and when you get to the last camp veer right and follow the bank till you get to the mouth of a marsh. There is a reef there throw Gulp along bank but normally not a lot of specks ther some but not many good supply of flounder thou. The bigger specks will be off the bank about 40 yds or so. As always if you have live shrimp you will catch fish but it is kinda of hard in a kayak to keep em live.

Good Luck
Butch Lafargue

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